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emacs 21.3, latest w3c, dxygen 1.4.2 and cvs

  • Edgar Villanueva

    I'm getting the following problem with doxymacs.
    Anybody have any clue as to what could be the problem?
    Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Invalid tag file: /home/evillanueva/develop/controller/docs/doxygen/xml/index.xml")
      signal(error ("Invalid tag file: /home/evillanueva/develop/controller/docs/doxygen/xml/index.xml"))
      error("Invalid tag file: /home/evillanueva/develop/controller/docs/doxygen/xml/index.xml")
      byte-code(" !=ƒ

    • Ryan T. Sammartino

      Can you send me or post your index.xml file?

    • Visti Andresen

      Visti Andresen - 2008-06-23

      I'm having a similar problem.
      I'm using "Doxygen version 1.5.5"
      I tried to use the external xml parser which yielded a different error:

      "Invalid Doxygen tag file, root node != tagfile"

      And indeed my index.xml doesn't contain any <tagfile>, actually non of the xml/ files contains this tag.

      <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='no'?>
      <doxygenindex xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="index.xsd" version="1.5.5">
        <compound refid="structhest" kind="struct"><name>hest</name>
          <member refid="structhest_1cf52fee72dbe79efd8ee3442becfbe21" kind="variable"><name>x</name></member>
          <member refid="structhest_161ba98780ee52d444f1c221d3418ed0b" kind="variable"><name>y</name></member>
        <compound refid="test_8c" kind="file"><name>test.c</name>
          <member refid="test_8c_13c04138a5bfe5d72780bb7e82a18e627" kind="function"><name>main</name></member>
        <compound refid="dir_75b82e7e4a5feb05200b9ad7adf06257" kind="dir"><name>/home/</name>
        <compound refid="dir_23f7940b3816202a82edc776db52334e" kind="dir"><name>/home/van/test/</name>
        <compound refid="dir_fdcaf95ed993dee50294f8dbaf009592" kind="dir"><name>/home/van/</name>

    • Visti Andresen

      Visti Andresen - 2008-06-23

      And this was caused by me specifying xml/index.xml as the "XML Tag" file in "doxymacs-doxygen-dirs"

      Insted use the tag file you can generate by setting "GENERATE_TAGFILE" in your doxygen config file


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