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  • Sami Romdhani

    Sami Romdhani - 2002-07-15

    I configured properly doxymacs to use one tag file by setting:

    '(doxymacs-doxygen-root "file:///export/internal/DocFreiburg/code/html")
    '(doxymacs-doxygen-tags "/export/internal/DocFreiburg/doxytags/code.tag")

    Now, my problem is that I have many such tag files (one for each project I'm working on, another for Qt). All these tag files have a different root url (set by doxymacs-doxygen-root). So, my questions are:

    1. Is is possible to set up doxymacs to use many tag file
    2. If yes, how ?
        If no, when will this be possible, because I think few people use only one tag file.


    • Ryan T. Sammartino

      Sorry for the late reply:

      No, it is not currently possible to use multiple tag files.  Patches that implement such a feature gratefully accepted.

    • Jeff Pitman

      Jeff Pitman - 2002-10-02

      Temporary patch that will complete any environment variables used in the configuration.  I'm not a lisp hacker or emacs programmer, but I thought it might be useful.  In our system we have a defined $DOC_DIR before loading up editors, so this makes my life easier as I jump between systems.  (Except for the fact I have to restart emacs each jump, but that's okay since I don't jump too much.)

      This probably breaks url.el ... i don't know.  Try it.

      --- ../../doxymacs-1.3.2/lisp/doxymacs.el       Sun Sep  1 09:22:24 2002
      +++ doxymacs.el Wed Oct  2 14:34:42 2002
      @@ -496,6 +496,7 @@
                (eq (buffer-live-p doxymacs-tags-buffer) nil))
              (setq doxymacs-tags-buffer (generate-new-buffer "*doxytags*"))
      +       (setq doxymacs-doxygen-tags (substitute-in-file-name doxymacs-doxygen-tags))
              (message (concat "Loading " doxymacs-doxygen-tags "..."))
              (let ((currbuff (current-buffer)))
                (if (file-regular-p doxymacs-doxygen-tags)
      @@ -636,7 +637,7 @@

      (defun doxymacs-display-url (url)
         "Displays the given match."
      -  (browse-url (concat doxymacs-doxygen-root "/" url)))
      +  (browse-url (concat (substitute-in-file-name doxymacs-doxygen-root) "/" url)))

      ;; GNU Emacs doesn't have symbol-near-point apparently
      ;; stolen from browse-cltl2.el, and in turn:

    • Ryan T. Sammartino

      Such functionality has now been implemented and committed to CVS.

      Please get the latest CVS version of doxymacs and try it out.  Be sure to read INSTALL and the first page of doxymacs.el.

      Report bugs to the Bug Tracker here at SourceForge,
      and post comments and suggestions here.



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