font-lock-keywords is void

  • Anthony Zawacki

    Anthony Zawacki - 2002-04-09

    When I try to do M-x doxymacs-font-lock, emacs gives me the error "Symbol's value as variable is void: font-lock-keywords."  This is with emacs 20.7.1.  The C++ fontification works fine, and my C/C++ code has syntax highlighting.  My minor mode seems to be working (I'm seeing (C++ doxy) as the buffer mode.)

    Any ideas on what is going wrong?

    • Ryan T. Sammartino

      Nope.  I don't have 20.7.1 installed anymore (I'm up to 21.2.1), but I do know that it worked for me.

      What does "C-h v font-lock-keywords" say (if anything)?

      Also, which version of doxymacs are you using?

    • Anthony Zawacki

      Anthony Zawacki - 2002-04-10

      Actually, it is a little confusing.

      One of the requirements that I didn't actually realize is that you must (require 'font-lock) in your .emacs file.  I have been using hilit19 to color code my source instead of font-lock.  I commented out the hilit19 stuff, and added the font-lock.  Next I did the doxymacs-font-lock, followed by font-lock-mode.  Then it was working.  Now I have to figure out how to configure font-lock to work the same way hilit19 works, because my display looks hideous.

      Thanks for your help.  I had heard of font-lock before, so when "C-h v font-lock-keywords" returned "No match", it was a step in the right direction.

      • Ryan T. Sammartino

        Glad you got it working.

        Anyways, you might want to consider using font-lock from now on:

        $ locate hilit19

        hilit19 is obsolete and no longer maintained or supported by anyone:

        ;;; hilit19.el --- customizable highlighting for Emacs 19

        ;; Copyright (c) 1993, 1994, 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

        ;; Author:   Jonathan Stigelman <>
        ;; Maintainer: FSF
        ;;    (actually no longer maintained)


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