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if you moved the comments into the cpp I think it is fair to assume you are placing them near (in front of, or behind) the method definition.
If that is the case, you do not need to use the \fn command as stated in the documentation.


On 06/22/2012 08:08 PM, Ed Sutton wrote:
( Sorry, I sent original post to wrong email address.  Sorry Dimitri! )

I am evolving my C++ source code to use the PIMPL idiom Qt style where header contains no Doxygen comments and all comment documentation is moved to the cpp file.  After doing so, Doxygen correctly picked up the \class docs but  not the \fn blocks or method comments.

Is there a Doxyfile command that need to turn on to make this work?  I guess I do not understand why the

Thanks in advance,


Doxygen picks up this


   \class DeviceConnection

   \brief Used to estabilish a connection with a networked device.

   Polls and logs TRACE data returned by the device.

   - Multicast query for devices (create instance of the DeviceManager )

   - Build collection of devices that client's can use to populate UI

   - Each Device will TRACE poll and report results via signals and slots

   \todo Can we eat signals of UI that does not have focus? Or enable/disable as user changes tabs?

   The concern is hundreds of devices spewing signals?

    \sa DeviceConnection


Doxygen does not pick up this


   \fn void DeviceConnection::onParameterChanged(const fes::Parameter& parameter)

   Raised when a parameter has changed or a new real-time data series (x,y) data sample is received.

   The \a parameter contains the changed parameter.

   \remarks Used for logging data to a file or database or real-time chart plotting

   \sa onParameterChanged(),onCommunications(),onProgramStateChanged(),onProgramStepChanged(),



Doxygen does not pick up this

/// Uploads an XML file describing a battery exerciser program

void DeviceConnection::programFileUpload(QString xmlProgramFileName)




My header file:

namespace fes


class PUBLIC_API DeviceConnection : public QThread




   DeviceConnection(const QString& localIpAddress,

                    const QString& serverIpAddress,

                    int serverPort = SCPI_TCP_PORT,

                    int ttl = 2,

                    int rxTimeoutMs = 1500 );


   // Methods:


   void programFileUpload(QString xmlProgramFileName);


   void onParameterChanged(const fes::Parameter& parameter);

public Q_SLOTS:

private Q_SLOTS:


   class DeviceConnectionPrivate;

   boost::shared_ptr<DeviceConnectionPrivate> m_private;


} // namespace fes

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