Tim - 2010-06-09

Used Doxygen today for the first time. Incredible! Auto-generated some great documentation (and showed us where we were lacking good comments, as well).

Is there any manipulation that can done in the class hierarchy manually? I notice that some of the classes are underneath an interface definition, when it would be nice to have them not be. For instance, I'll have the nested class GUIManager::GUIEventRegistrationInfo at the top level of the tree, but the parent GUIManager is nested under the IInputHandler interface. Could it be configured to sort by class, and not interface?

Also, is there any view that could show the classes and/or interfaces mapped to their physical directory structure? Oddly, for this project, they're organized in that fashion and it would be nice if there was a way to have the documentation be organized in parallel.

Great, great, application. What a time saver!