Stephen Morris - 2013-11-21

I’ve just upgraded from doxygen v1.8.2 to v1.8.5, and all of a sudden I get a slew of errors when parsing a project written in Fortran 2003. The error messages take the form:

Error in file myfile1.F90 line: 178, state: 11

Error in file myfile2.F90 line: 822, state: 11

Error in file myfile3.F90 line: 582, state: 10

Error in myfile4.F90 line: 2478, state: 11

...etc., where in each case the line number cited is the last line in the file.

The same Fortran code with the same Doxyfile parses without errors using doxygen 1.8.2, and I can't see any difference between the two doxygen versions when parsing C++ projects.

Does anyone know whether this is a regression bug, pure and simple, or is there some option in the Doxyfile I ought to update to remain compatible with the latest version?