Nico - 2014-02-25


I would like to achieve the almost exact opposite of what can be
performed with command \internal. There exists a huge doxygen
documentation for a project already, but now I would like to pick out
a few blocks (functions, constants etc.) to create a very small manual
only containing the important stuff.

Instead of marking 99% of the comments as \internal it would be nice
to have a command like \external for the 1% of comments that need to
be exported in my case.

Something like disabling the "default section" (everything, which is
not part of a section) would work too, of course. Then I could use

Unfortunately the comments in question do not reside in one file only.
Furthermore those files contain a lot of other comments, which should
not be exported.

I already thought to move those comments into separate header files
that could be included in the original position, but this would mean
to restructure a lot and tearing files apart.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance,