Demi_shanghai - 2013-01-18

my opratation system:ubuntu 12.04

I can not install the newest vision Doxygen in my comput,
so,i download "doxygen-1.8.3.linux.bin.tar.gz" (
I do steps  followed by the Doxhgen Mamual 's Installation part(
steps and result:
1.  type  "./configure"
         then ,i get these information:Checking for GNU install tool… using  /usr/bin/install
                                                       Created Makefiles from…
2.  type  "make install"
         then ,i get these error information:
                                                       /usr/bin/install/  -d /usr/local/bin
                                                       /usr/bin/install/  -d /usr/local/doc/doxygen
                                                       /usr/bin/install/  -m 755 bin/dovygen   /usr/local/bin
                                                      /usr/bin/install/  -m 755 bin/dovytag   /usr/local/bin
                                                      /usr/bin/install :Unable to get "bin/doxytag" file's status (stat) : no the file directory                                  make:***error 1

what should i do for this error?i am really appreciated if you can give me a hand.