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DoXFS 0.7.4 Released

This is a bug/feature release of DoXFS:
New Features in DoXFS Web Client:
Super users can now see all of the hidden properties of a document or
topic object. Some of the hidden properties are now editable (be careful)
while the rest are read-only and should not be modified.
Browse lists are now sorted ascending from the entire list. More work
needs to be done here so that the end user can choose to sort ascending
or descending.
Bug fixes in DoXFS Web Client:
When create a new document, the title bar showed an incorrect creation
date. The topic tree was not refreshing after creating a new topic.... read more

Posted by Joe Bacom 2004-09-12

DoXFS 0.7.2 Released

DoXFS 0.7.2 is now released as a bug fix to version 0.7.1.

Brief descriptions of changes:
Modified how the DoXFS Client loads it's required libraries to simplify inclusion from other clients. Fixed a bug in the DoXFS Server in remove topic and all descendents. Fixed several small bugs in the Web Client mainly dealing with an incorrect method call to doxfsDocumentObject. Fixed topic tree not refreshing after removing a topic. Added a new "Success" message page for topic removals.

Posted by Joe Bacom 2004-08-27

DoXFS 0.7.1 Released

DoXFS 0.7.1 is a bug fix release. Primarily when creating a topic, the server returns an error, but the topic is actually created.

What's coming in 0.7.2
In-line editing of RTF and ASCII text files.
I've been working on this for awhile now and it's just about ready. Stay tuned.


Posted by Joe Bacom 2004-08-23

Added PHP Namazu Extension

After a couple of help requests about not being able to find the php_namazu extensions, I'm adding it here for everyone's convenience.



Posted by Joe Bacom 2004-07-19

DoXFS 0.7 Alpha Released

The alpha release of DoXFS is finally ready. Lots of changes have been made since the 0.6 release. DoXFS is now modularized into three distinct components: server, client and GUI. Read through the documentation in the docs section here to find out more.

Posted by Joe Bacom 2004-06-16

Preliminary DoXFS Server now available for CVS checkout

The preliminary release of the DoXFS Server is now available for checkout through CVS. The DoXFS Server is the first component of the architectural shift I have been telling everybody about for months now. This code is not by any means complete, but it should start to give you an idea of where the application is headed. The API reference manual for the DoXFS server is almost complete, but this API is intended for the client libraries and not for a user interface. The user interface should use the client API (which I am currently working on). Have fun!

Posted by Joe Bacom 2003-05-08

Added PHP Extension

I finally broke down and wrote an extension to PHP to access the XFS extended attributes directly. In previous versions this was done by shelling out to the system and calling the attr command. Now there are native PHP functions (see README file in php_module) that access the extended attributes. See the INSTALL file under php_module for instructions on how to add the extension. Besides a tremendous performance boost, the extensions also help clean up the code a little bit.

Posted by Joe Bacom 2003-02-24