#4 Feature request - search "profiles"

James Adam

People who use the same machine for work and personal
stuff tend to search in various clearly defined
"roles". For instance, I am a computer science
researcher, and so sometimes I'll be searching for
research papers on my laptop. Other times, i'll be at
home, and I'll search for something totally unrelated
like WordPress plugins.

It might be nice to be able to tell dowser that the
thing i'm searching for in particular is for "work" or
for "personal" (or for any other category you can think
of. It would make the search cache alot more useful,
and shoudl really involve only adding an extra term to
the search url
and then we could augment out Firefox search
descriptions to directly use such profiles. Might be a
nice addition, and mightn't be that hard to implement
if you're also working on multi-user stuff (although
that's probably far better achieved using cookies).

Just a thought. Might hack it up.


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