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Duplicate Files Finder 0.8.0 released

This release mainly adds symbolic link support for Windows, many GUI changes, improved search support, and improved compiling support.

The changes in detail:
- made the build more tolerant to different build environments
- added symbolic link support for Windows
- improved search options (masks with ';' (windows) or ':' (unix) in it are allowed; exclude masks were introduced)
- many gui changes
- created dll with common code
- program icon for Windows
- progress display improved
- and many other changes

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-06-01

Duplicate Files Finder: 0.44 released

Duplicate Files Finder is an application which allows you to easily find and remove duplicate files. Creating hardlinks and symbolic links is also supported. A special algorithm minimizes the disk traffic, so it is very fast. Runs on Windows and Linux.

This release fixes mainly remaining speed issues.

A detailed list of changes:
- added progress display for displaying progress when the result list is being filled with many elements
- fixed remaining speed issues: removed slow tree ctrl and restored list ctrl instead
- bug fixes to Makefile and new options

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-04-03

Duplicate Files Finder 0.43 released

This release fixes another severe issue: It fixes the massive speed problems which occured when there were many items in the result list.

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-03-29

Duplicate Files Finder 0.42 released

This release fixes a severe bug, which made it impossible to delete files via a particular menu entry.

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-03-29

Duplicate Files Finder 0.40 released

A new version of Duplicate Files Finder - with several minor improvements, and cleaner source code. http://doubles.sourceforge.net

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-03-24

Duplicate Files Finder 0.36 released

This version comes with many improvements, of which most important is that you can create hardlinks or symbolic links (when supported by the OS). There are many additions to the user interface as well, and some bug fixes.
See http://sourceforge.net/projects/doubles .

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-02-21

Duplicate Files Finder 0.30 released

New in this version of Duplicate Files Finder is a partially rewrite of some old code, which improved code readability and at the same moment solved some memory problems. There are only little changes to the user interface (actually only the following one: I added a Pause button to the progress dialog).
See http://sourceforge.net/projects/doubles/ for more.

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-02-14

DupFinder gui 0.20 released

This version contains several important bugfixes and an improvement to the user interface. Details:
- Bugfixes:
- opening containing folder in linux works now
- deleting files on the results page does not crash any more in specific cases
- User interface:
- on the result page, you can restrict the view to only files of one directory

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-02-03

dupfinder with gui v0.10 released

Now the program comes at last also with a graphical interface to the user! It makes use of the program much easier. All features of the command line version are supported, and there is still much room for extensions.

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-01-29

dupfinder 0.92 released

That new version supports now parameters which you can specify for every path you specify on the commandline, thus giving you much more control of what files to include in the search.

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-01-25

dupfinder 0.91.9 released

Most important in this version are two fixes:

1) The program had heavy problems with symlinks on linux. Now the program does not follow any symlinks any more, what made the program run a very very long (perhaps even infinite) time.

2) speeded up the file search algorithm, which was very slow because of some unnecessary testing procedures, which are now done immideately at program start and do last no noticable time. ... read more

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-01-19

dupfinder 0.91.8 released

Now the program is even more faster, because the file sorting algorithm is improved. Memory leaks are fixed, and old code was removed. An option for including hidden files in the search for files was added.

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-01-12

doubles release 0.91.6

The program is getting now gradually to a state of which i would say most of the basically needed features are now included in the program, for example recognizing that a directory has already been scanned for files. This produces a bit of overhead, which is bearable.
Shortly said - if you search for double files now, you will get a correct list of them, even if you specify some weird arguments.

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2008-01-07

unicode+fast windows executable

The windows executable is now compiled with mingw and supports unicode. It is much faster than the old cygwin-based one.

Posted by Matthias Böhm 2007-12-11