No Basic Swapping

  • TomMcIn01

    TomMcIn01 - 2010-02-16

    Downloaded DoubleCommand to swap Alt and Windows keys on Logitech S520 KB.  Checked Option Key acts as Command but changes not happening.    Keyboard Viewer always shows Windows as Command and Alt as Option.  Missing something obvious?

  • Lee Gillentine

    Lee Gillentine - 2011-02-11

    I was having this same problem and banged my head against it for about 2 days.  There's a way to get around this without using DoubleCommand (if you have Snow Lepoard).  In System Prefrences->Keyboard select "Modifier Keys" in the corner of the window.  There you can set the option key to be the command key and the command key to be the option key, thus effectively switching the windows key and the alt key on a Logitech S520 on Mac OS X 10.6

    Yes, I know I'm responding to a post that's almost a year old, but this is mostly for the people who google this in the future.


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