Anonymous - 2010-11-25


I was recently gifted a steelSeries 6Gv2 keyboard. I have looked for a good mechanical keyboard for a long while, and I love this. Except for one thing.

It's extend "L" shaped Enter key drops the \ key down to the zxc row. It shortens the right shift key to fit the \ key in. The order is /(shift). I find this a bit annoying, as when I want to type a question mark, on my previous mac board I had trained myself to hit shift with my right pinkie and trail down the pinkie with my ring finger. On this board, I get a vertical bar (|) instead. This is slightly annoying.

If this is confusing, there is a picture on the company's website,

What I would like to do is swap my / and \ keys.

Can I do this with DoubleCommand?