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Version 0.9.2 released

  1. Added the first 3 levels, balance is curently off though.
  2. LevelEditor allows moving planets now ! ( double click adds a new planet )
  3. LevelEditor setting name and radius works now !
  4. Added a configuration application: fullscreen, niceSky, sound, etc.
  5. Added beautiful contrails to the ships
  6. Added name tags to the planets
  7. Added the beginnings of a money system
  8. Added two research options ( more fire power and faster ship construction )
  9. Added a game menu when pressing ESC
  10. Ships fly through planets less :-)
  11. Fixed the bug, where the red would attack an attacking planet instead of defending.
  12. Double click moves camera to planet now, removed fight camera for now
  13. reliably show winning/loosing dialogs
  14. stop loosing planet from producing new ships ( was annoying )
  15. New FinalWinningDialog
  16. computer is very strong, so I doubled his spawning time for now. Research helps too.
Posted by Raymond Hulha 2010-08-04