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DotNetWikiBot 3.15 has been released

Login procedure has been updated to suit MediaWiki 1.27.
Page.GetLinks() method has been fixed.
Site.ParseTemplate() and Site.FormatTemplate() methods have been moved to Page class and have been made static.
Page.RemoveNsPrefix() method has been removed, use Site.RemoveNsPrefix() method instead.

Posted by CodeDriller 2016-02-13

DotNetWikiBot 3.14 has been released

Relative links support has been added to FillFromPageLinks() method (Feature request #33).
Page.GetWikidataItem() method has been added (Feature requests #34, #35).
Prevention of server overload has been improved.
Bugfix (#103, FillFromRecentChanges() ignores limit parameter).
Documentation has been updated.

Posted by CodeDriller 2015-03-07 Labels: release

New release: DotNetWikiBot 3.13

A major bug has been fixed that prevented saving of long (>30k) pages in v3.12.

Posted by CodeDriller 2015-02-13 Labels: new release bugfix

New release: DotNetWikiBot 3.12

  • Edit conflict detection has been fixed.
  • Page.GetWikidataLinks() function has been added.
  • Page.RenameTo(newTitle, reason, renameTalkPage, renameSubPages) method overload has been added.
  • PageList.FillFromAllPages(firstPageTitle, neededNSpace, acceptRedirects, limit, lastPageTitle) method overload has been added.
  • Page.Save() method has been refined.
  • Uri.EscapeDataString() function was introduced for Mono compatibility.
  • DTD processing for .NET 4.0+ has been enhanced.
  • Documentation has been updated.
Posted by CodeDriller 2015-01-30 Labels: new release

New release: DotNetWikiBot 3.11

Edit conflict detection has been fixed.
Page watching and unwatching has been fixed.
Page metadata loading via API has been implemented.
Page saving and image uploading retrial has been fixed.
Interface messages have been revised by Robert Morley, many thanks to him.

Posted by CodeDriller 2014-09-20 Labels: new release

New release: DotNetWikiBot 3.10

Page renaming and deletion has been fixed.
Page watching, unwatching and protection has been fixed.
Parsing and modification of templates has been fixed.
Cache system has been advanced, cache directory is now changable.

Posted by CodeDriller 2014-01-14

New version release: DotNetWikiBot 3.0

DotNetWikiBot 3 has been finally released. It's a new major release with many changes.

Please, review this list of important changes:

Now .NET Framework 3.5+ or Mono 1.9+ is required to compile and run DotNetWikiBot.

Old DotNetWikiBot's "Cache" subdirectory must be deleted before unzipping new DotNetWikiBot 3 files.

Site.namespaces property is now of type Dictionary<int,string> and it contains both default canonical namespace names and all local namespace aliases, enclosed in and delimited by '|' character, e.g. "|Kategorie|Category|". "wikiNSpaces" hashtable is no longer available. The following helper functions were added:
string Site.GetNsPrefix(int nsIndex)
string Site.GetEnglishNsPrefix(int nsIndex)
string Site.GetNsPrefixes(int nsIndex)... read more

Posted by CodeDriller 2013-10-20

Development plans announcement

The next major release - DotNetWikiBot Framework 3.00 - will be shifted to .NET 3.5/Mono 1.9.

Some code changes will be necessary as framework refactoring is under way. All necessary modifications will be listed in release announcement, all changes will be available in recompiled documentation.

Back compatibility to old MediaWiki versions can be somewhat broken because several legacy functions will be removed or deprecated.

Posted by CodeDriller 2013-09-13

New version release: DotNetWikiBot 2.103

This is an important update that is intended to suit new MediaWiki releases
which rely on HTTPS.

Posted by CodeDriller 2013-09-11

New version release: DotNetWikiBot 2.102

Important update for Wikia.
Some bugfixes has been done.

Posted by CodeDriller 2013-04-21

New version release: DotNetWikiBot 2.101

Function FillFromTransclusionsOfPage() has been added.
Watch() and Unwatch() functions were updated.
Changes were made to accommodate to broken MediaWiki bot interface versioning system.

Posted by CodeDriller 2012-06-03

New version release: DotNetWikiBot 2.100

Minor updates has been applied to suit Wikia and English Wikipedia.

Posted by CodeDriller 2012-04-24

DotNetWikiBot 2.99 was released.

Search functions were updated.
File uploading process was updated.
DisableSilenceMode() function was added.
Documantaion was recompiled.

Posted by CodeDriller 2012-03-26

DotNetWikiBot 2.98 was released.

LoginViaApi() method was added.
Updates for MediaWiki 1.18 were applied.
Specific update for Wikia was applied.
Workaround was added for .NET bug that removed trailing dots from URIs.
Several minor other changes.

Posted by CodeDriller 2012-01-18

DotNetWikiBot 2.97 was released.

The following functions were updated:

Posted by CodeDriller 2011-03-02

DotNetWikiBot 2.96 was released.

Critical Mono bug (636219) evasion was added.
ParsePageXML() function was updated.

Posted by CodeDriller 2010-11-04

DotNetWikiBot 2.95 was released.

version 2.95 (2010-09-17).
GetFirstTemplateParameter() function was added.
StripContent() function was added.
Function FillFromCustomBotQueryList() was updated.
Bug in GetLinks() function was fixed.

Save() function is now sensitive to "nobots" and "bots" templates in page's text, if text is available (pre-loaded by Load() function). See for details.

Posted by CodeDriller 2010-09-17

More bot examples are now available

A recently created list of community-donated bot scripts is published on project's local wiki:

Bot creators are invited to donate more bot scripts there. Code can be provided "as is", without any guarantees. External links are also accepted.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by CodeDriller 2010-07-05

DotNetWikiBot Framework 2.94 released

Local DTDs cache implemented according to W3C requirement.
UploadImage() function was updated.
FillFromPagesUsingImage() function was updated.
FillFromPageHistory() function was updated.
GetMediaWikiMessages() function was updated.
GetMediaWikiMessage() function was added.
GetAllCategories() function was made less sensitive to syntax errors.
Interwiki links sorting order lists were updated.

Posted by CodeDriller 2010-07-03

DotNetWikiBot 2.92 was released.

Portuguese (Portugal) translation by Hamilton Abreu was added.
Minor bugfixes were applied.

Posted by CodeDriller 2010-05-18

DotNetWikiBot 2.91 released.

And one more critical update in login procedure.

Posted by CodeDriller 2010-04-12

v2.9 was released, bearing critical update.

Critical update of Login() function, according to this issue:

New functions were added for template processing:

Documentation was updated.

Posted by CodeDriller 2010-04-10

DotNetWikiBot now works with SourceForge wikis.

Version 2.8 of DotNetWikiBot Framework was released, in which support for SourceForge user authentication was added. With that authentication DotNetWikiBot can now be used to develop and maintain SourceForge-hosted MediaWiki installations, that are usually available at

Standard login function syntax is valid for SourceForge wikis:

Site site = new Site("", "YourSourceForgeLogin", "YourSourceForgePassword");... read more

Posted by CodeDriller 2010-02-01

DotNetWikiBot 2.73 released.

Many minor bugfixes.
Cumulative update.

Posted by CodeDriller 2010-01-31

DotNetWikiBot 2.72 released. Cumulative update.

GetAllCategories() function updated.
FillFromLinksToPage() function updated.
GetTitle() function updated.
UploadImage() function fixed.

Posted by CodeDriller 2009-08-24