Bot.useBotQuery = false and FillFromAllPages

  • samurdolph

    samurdolph - 2009-06-26


    This part of code results in hanging of the script:
            Bot.useBotQuery = false;
            Site site = new Site("...", "...", "...");
            PageList pl = new PageList(site);
            pl.FillFromAllPages("", 0, true, 32267);
    Total page count in my wiki is less than 20 but the function tryes to get all 32267 pages.

    I have check the code of FillFromAllPages. Possibly there is a bug in this part:
        do {
        while(pages.Count < quantity);
    There is no check of REAL page count.

    For Bot.useBotQuery = true; all works correctly.

    Thank you for this tool!

    • CodeDriller

      CodeDriller - 2009-07-06

      Sorry for delay.

      Yes, it's a bug there.


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