Problem uploading images with BatchFileUpload

  • Guppy

    Guppy - 2009-06-03


    I'm having problems uploading images to my own MediaWiki 1.14.0 with BatchFileUploader which is included in DotNetWikiBot.

    There comes the message: "Es sind mehrere Stammelemente vorhanden"/"There are more rootelements available".

    I've written another small test application and the error occurs when calling method "UploadImage" from Page-object. It's an XML-Exception!

    Although the images were saved!

    Maybe you have some suggestions concerning this error!

    Greets, guppy

    • CodeDriller

      CodeDriller - 2009-06-03

      Sorry, I have no 1.14 server for testing. Maybe you could allow me to test on your wiki?

      Are you using the latest DotNetWikiBot version 2.7?

    • Guppy

      Guppy - 2009-06-10

      Hello! Sorry for my late response!

      Yes I'm using the latest version of DotNetWikiBot (2.7).

      My Wiki is installed on a lokal server, which is not connected to the internet, so I cannot grant you access.

      I hope that the bot didn't create any inconsistences, all images seem to be correctly uploaded, I just ignored the error message.

      Maybe there will be a solution in a later version of WikiBot.

      Thanks, greets, guppy


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