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Version 0.9 Released!

I've just release v0.9 of the core framework, MetaUnit extension. In addition, I've finally delivered the console test driver which enables you to execute unit tests assemblies, test fixtures and XML test suite definition files.

Hopefully I'll be able to whip together some quick documentation and better examples so keep your eyes peeled.

The source for v0.9 of all components in the CVS repository can be retrieved via the "release_0_9_0" tag.

Posted by Drew Marsh 2002-08-23


Just wanted to let everyone know that while this project is not abandoned, it is on hold temporarily. I hope to pick it up in the next month or two.

Posted by Drew Marsh 2002-06-18

Version 0.8.5 (beta2) released...

This version contains a few bug fixes and refactorings. Please see the release notes and change logs for both packages for more details. Both packages are built on the RTM bits, so make sure you upgrade to RTM before attempting to use.

As usual, please feel free to make use of the project's bug reporting if you come across anything.


Posted by Drew Marsh 2002-01-25

Version 0.8 (beta2) released...

Ok... it's available, although at the time of writing SourceForge hasn't propagated the files for downloading yet. Hopefully not many of you are sitting around waiting for it on a Sat. night anyway. ;)

Be sure to check out the release notes. Most people will now be interested in downloading the MetaUnit Extension package instead of just the Framework package by itself.

Check out the XML documentation for more information. If you want it in a nicer format, check out the NDoc project[1].... read more

Posted by Drew Marsh 2001-12-16

Make that release 0.8.0 (beta2)...

I've made enough changes that I figured I ought to bump up the minor version. We're going to 0.8.0 and with it comes some fixes, the initial release of XML documentation, improved samples, and more.

Keep your eyes peeled for the release tonight or tomorrow. I've got a nice MSI install built for those who just want to install the framework and MetaUnit extension.

I'm also working on a console based simple test driver that will basically take a bunch of test assemblies/fixtures from the command line, load them into a test suite, and run them. It's a simple driver implementation which just begins to shows the power of the framework coupled with the MetaUnit extension.

Posted by Drew Marsh 2001-12-15

Release 0.7.7 (beta2) coming soon...

Release 0.7.7 (beta2) coming soon...

Another beta2 release is on it's way. There have been some more breaking changes as I try to stabilize the structure of the framework. I debated for a while as to how to handle this, but came to the ultimate conclusion that the attribute based TestCase class did not belong in the *core* of the framework, but rather as an extension to the framework. So as of next release, there will be two sub-projects maintained under the .NETUnit project: the Framework itself and the MetaUnit extension.... read more

Posted by Drew Marsh 2001-12-11

What are the differences between the .NETUnit and J/NUnit?

I've begun to work on a feature breakdown/comparsion of the .NETUnit and J/NUnit frameworks. The initial version can be found here[1] in the forums. I plan to expand on this quite some bit in the future so people can understand why I felt compelled to create such a different framework.

In the meantime, for more information on the design influence of the .NETUnit framework, please be sure to check out this topic[2] over on Wiki.... read more

Posted by Drew Marsh 2001-12-03

Version 0.7.5 (beta2) has just been released!

This is the second official release of the framework. There have been many changes, so please check out the release notes for more information.

Also, if you d/l and use the framework, please take the time to provide some feedback either through the survey or through the forums.

Posted by Drew Marsh 2001-11-30

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