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Preview to Personal .NET Portal Version 3

Version 3 of the Personal .NET Portal will come with several improvements in stability and usability.
We will update the portal from ASP.NET 2.0 to 3.5. This allows us to use some Ajax Controls to make the configuration of some modules easier. Also we can put some modules into ASP.NET UpdatePanels so that user experience might be in a more natural manner.
There is still some work until the release of version 3, but we hope to bring it as soon as possible.

Posted by Martin Bühlmann 2008-09-24

.NET Portal V2.8.1 is released

This Release contains an important bugfix for the statistics background threads.
- Improve stability of the statistics background threads.

Posted by Andreas Hauri 2008-09-09

.NET Portal V2.8.0 is released

This Release contains the newest FCKeditor V2.6.3 and several improvements on existing modules and important bugfixes.
- Enhanced picture creation for thumbnails and preview in the module ImageBrowser (Optimized resizing quality and speed).
- Configuration of the JPG compression Level in Module ImageBrowser.
- Resolved wrong default folder image location in module ImageBrowser.
- Resolved cache update bug in module ContentScheduler.
- Improved error handling for statistics background thread. This Bug could avoid the start of the
Portal on some servers or even causes IIS-Application pool crash.
- Possibility to customize the CSS-File for the HTML Edit Mode. (File Data\Resources\PortalEdit.css).
- Possibility to suppress the module hierarchy (Module Path) on SubTabs. (Key "ShowSubTabPath" in the settings.config).
- Update to FCKeditor V2.6.3

Posted by Andreas Hauri 2008-09-01

.NET Portal V2.7.1 is released

This Release resolves a bug of the V2.7.0 Version: Depending on the configuration it's not possible to add pictures to HTML pages.
In addition it contains a usability enhancement for the ContentScheduler module.

Posted by Andreas Hauri 2008-05-20

.NET Portal V2.7.0 is released

This Release contains the newest FCKeditor V2.6 and several improvements on existing modules and important bugfixes.
- Update to FCKEditor V2.6 affects HTML mutations in various modules.
- Improved FCKEditor HTML Editor Integration
- Statistic Bot / Spider filtering improvement.
- Improved error message for file upload in module FileBrowser.
- Fixed file upload bug in module FileBrowser
- Removed space between shadow and picture in ImageBrowser for some Browsers (i.e. Firefox)

Posted by Andreas Hauri 2008-05-04

.NET Portal V2.6.0 is released

This Release contains several improvements on existing modules and important bugfixes.

Release Notes:
- Bot / Spider filtering functionality for the statistic. (Search engine Bot and Spider requests are not logged in the statistic anymore).
- Implemented Preload mechanism to load pictures in advance into the browser cache (ImageBrowser).
- Fixed the Login-Module default-Button bug. (Key "return" did not work on some browsers).
- Filebrowser takes the modification date from the file, if not explicit specified.
- FCKeditor updated to version 2.5
- Project updated to Visual Studio 2008 (still .NET 2.0)
- New development project structure

Posted by Andreas Hauri 2008-03-25

.NET Portal V2.5.0 is released

This Release contains several improvements on existing modules and important bugfixes.

Posted by Andreas Hauri 2007-12-01

.NET Portal V2.4.0 is released

This version contains a new module, the FormBuilder. A module that provides the ability to build your own Web-Forms that will be submitted by email. You can configure your own email layout and the data validation rules.
This release contains also some small improvements.

Posted by Andreas Hauri 2007-09-05

.NET Portal V2.3.0 is released

This version contains a new module, the ContentScheduler. It lets you define a schedule with different module content. The portal switches the content exact at the defined point in time based on your schedule.
This release contains also some small improvements, like configurable meta tags etc.

Posted by Martin Bühlmann 2007-07-22

.NET Portal V2.2.0 is released

This version contains some basic functions to record portal-specific statistical data like number of logins per account, total visit count, total request count and a top 30 list of the mostly requested pages (per month).
This release contains also some minor bugfixes and performance improvements.

Posted by Martin Bühlmann 2007-02-07

.NET Portal V2.1.0 is released

This Version contains the updated FCKeditor 2.4 to edit HTML content.
To improve the update and backup capability, the portals CSS has been moved to the data directory. All user files are now in the data directory and can be backed up easily.

Posted by Martin Bühlmann 2007-01-31

.NET Portal got its own domain

The personal .NET portal is now reachable under

The domain is here, but the website needs a new design. Do you have a weakness to make beautiful, professional looking websites, we need you! Create a CSS for the .NET Portal and send your it to "info at".

Posted by Martin Bühlmann 2006-12-08

.NET Portal V2.0.1 is released

This version contains some minor bugfixes.

Posted by Martin Bühlmann 2006-11-21

.NET Portal V2.0.0 is released

Nearly two years after the last release, we are proud to announce the version 2.0!

There has been done a lot of bugfixes and improvements since then. So feel free to try it out!

Posted by Martin Bühlmann 2006-11-02

Personal .NET Portal is still alive!

While Arthur (founder of this project) wrote that the development on version 2.0 had been stopped, we continued his work.

Some new modules have been added and the project has been updated to ASP.NET 2.0. We also made a lot of bug fixing. So this project is more alive than ever.

We will release the version 2.0 very soon.

Posted by Martin Bühlmann 2006-10-19

Version 2.0 is dead!

Sorry, development on the 2.0 Version has been stoped.

It's just to much Work and no one will need a SQL Database and dynamic Data Access Layers.

This Portal should stay a SIMPLE Portal for Personal use.

Posted by Arthur Zaczek 2004-12-08

Preview Version

I've very little time in the last weeks so progress of the Protal is very slowly now (I've some troubles with my motor bike, the gearbox needs some

I released this Version to show you that the project isn't dead!

Work is in progress. Do not use it in a production environment!

What's new
You can choose your personal favourite Data Access Layer (XML, SQLServer, etc.). The default
Data Access Layer is still XML!
You can also define more than one Portal eg. one for you, one for a friend of yours.

Posted by Arthur Zaczek 2004-01-23

Code Project Article

There is a Code Project Article describing the Portal a little bit.

Posted by Arthur Zaczek 2003-10-17

First Release

At last! The First Release 1.0!

There are still some Modules missing, but I put them into another Project (Contacts, Calendar, EMail - Groupware).

Because those missing modules are not Part of the infrastructure and my Homepage has started I decided to release the first Version. Additional Modules will be released in a separate Package.

@Linux: The last CVS Version is able to launch the Protal, but there are troubles with Datasets, so I was unable to login or view the "News" or "QuickLinks" Module. But its on the Way.

Posted by Arthur Zaczek 2003-06-14


Work on security started, User Database (XML) created

Posted by Arthur Zaczek 2003-01-25