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With DotMSN becoming open source a while ago, I saw no point in continuing a smiliar project so this library is no longer updated and I leave it here for those interested in the code. And since this is no longer supported, please DO NOT use it in a serious project because it probably has a lot of bugs.

DotMSN is located at
It comes with full source code (c#) and documentation plus code examples.
Thanks for getting this far anyway

Posted by Anonymous 2005-11-15

NOW ! dotnetMSN 1.0.2 with a sampl App

a Sample Application which uses dotnetMSN is added to files which is a bit difficult to understand but rich feature demostration example for those who are trying to work with the library.
Sorry for the delay between your question and my answer :)

Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-19

dotnetmsn 1.0.1 is released

Finally dotnetMSN 1.0.1 is out. This is the first version of this library that is used to communicate with popular MSN Messenger network. This is simplest and sweetest library you can EVER find for your .NET projects. Have a look at features below:

* Adding, Removing, Managing all your contacts
* Adding, Removing, Managing all groups
* Multithread library so no freezing
* Get notified once somebody opens a chat conversation
* Chat with multiple people at the same time.
* Supports version 8 of protocol
* More important, it is quite fast !
* Get notified for any change in contact list... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-03-19