#7 Additional OS filters and environment variables

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Thanks to Matthias Jentsch for the above suggestion and code:
In the InstallerEditor you can setup three new properties in the "install"
- os_filter_greater - setting this to e.g. 44 means that none of the
components would be installed if you don't have Windows 2000 or above.
- os_filter_smaller - setting this to e.g. 45 means that your components are
only installed when you have an operating system before Windows 2000.
- os_filter_not_match_message - enter here a message for the end user. This
message describes what operating system the must have to use your setup.

With this change my bootstrapper setup tests the required operating system
at the beginning of the installation process. When the operating system does
not match the end user get's informed what operating system must be
installed before he can run my setup.

The second change i've made has to do with the complete_command property in
the "install" node. For the ShellExecute API call i've parsed this property
and replaced environment variables that are enclosed with "%" chars. After
this replacement i've splitted the result into "filename" and "parameters"
and putting this two parameters into the ShellExecute API call.

E.g. "IMB Service 2005.msi" /l*v "%Temp%\IMB Service 2005.log" results in
IMB Service 2005.msi for the file parameter and
/l*v "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\je\Lokale Einstellungen\Temp\IMB
Service 2005.log" for the parameters parameter for the ShellExecute call.
See attached file


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