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Next release soon

The next release of will be available soon

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-09-01

SMTPOP V 0.5a Released

Change in attachment and message header to preserve headers field order
Update ShowAttachmentList sample
Update SendSmtp sample
bug fix in SmtpClient class constructor
Now GetMailReader wait for a message id
Some events added to PopClient PopReader and SmtpClient

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-05-06

Framework 2.0

I ve compiled and used under Framework 2.0. It seems that smtpop work well, but there is still some work to run nunit under 2.0

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-05-05

Next release soon

The next release will fix some bugs and add events support for POP and SMTP connections

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-05-02

Web site updated

The web site has been updated

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-03-14

SMTPOP V 0.4a Released

Updated sample SendSmtp
Added SetBodyText and SetBodyHtml to MimeAttachment
Added MessageBuilder class to easily build valid Message
Updated unit tests
Now the "receive" fields are store in an arraylist in the array of field

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-02-28

SMTPOP V 0.3d Released

This is a bug fix release. See notes for details

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-02-09

SMTPOP V 0.3c Released

See Notes and change log for details

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-02-05

SMTPOP V 0.3b Released

See change log for details

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-01-25

SMTPOP V 0.3a Released

Small modification of MimeMessage
Comment and documention updated
New sample

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-01-14

Web site updated

The home page as been updated with some doc and report.

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-01-14

Next smpop release

The next smpop release will be available soon. The next release will be called ""

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-01-10

smpop is missnamed

Wow a few days after publishing the first release, i realize that "smpop" is an existing project on Freshmeat. The next release will have an other name !

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-01-03

SMPOP v0.2 alpha released

SMPOP is a C# library to read RFC 822 message from POP server or send RFC 822 message to SMTP server.

Posted by SillyCoder 2006-01-01

DotNetControlExtender V1.0.1 Released

The new release contain a form extender that provide free shape form

Posted by SillyCoder 2003-11-21


The release 1.0.0 is out

Posted by SillyCoder 2003-11-08

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