#63 Update DOSEMU-FreeDOS to FreeDOS 1.1


FreeDOS 1.1 was just recently released. It would probably be good to update to it.


Feature Requests: #63


  • Mike Swanson (chungy)

    I actually made an archive a few days ago mainly for personal use; I basically just unzipped everything from FreeDOS 1.1 except utilties (like format, undelete, unformat, etc..) that don't have any use under DOSEMU. I've put the file here if you're interested: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13513277/dosemu/dosemu-freedos-1.1-bin.tgz

    One point of contention I've had about it is the GNU subdirectory. The utilties in it are very old (1993!) ports of a handful of GNU utilties. DJGPP includes newer (2003-ish) versions of all of these, but I'm still not quite happy with that solution; I've had trouble building the most recent coreutils with DJGPP, and haven't looked into it too much. As it is currently, I keep c:\djgpp\bin before z:\gnu in my %PATH% so that the built-ins don't get used and instead the more functional ones do.

  • Mateusz Viste

    Mateusz Viste - 2013-06-28

    I agree with Mike that the FreeDOS mini-distro shipped with DOSemu badly needs to be refreshed. I'd suggest also shipping fdnpkg there (the FreeDOS network package manager) - this would allow users to keep their systems up to date, and install/remove packages on their own. Since networking DOSemu became quite trivial recently, this would bring a nice feature to DOSemu without any development cost. I will try to put something together.

  • Mateusz Viste

    Mateusz Viste - 2013-06-28

    I've put together a small 'distribution' of FreeDOS for DOSemu.
    It contains file needed to start the system, interact with DOSemu (via latest DOSemu tools from git), manage files (copy, deltree, edit...), and handle packages (via fdnpkg).
    Also loads the blaster driver at start, as well as the EMS memory driver.

    This provides an up to date, small, working FreeDOS system that should be suitable for most people (since most people use DOSemu for playing old games).

    Everything is installed as packages, therefore updating the system is as easy as:

    fdnpkg checkupdates

    and it's possible for users to install whatever additional software they need via online repositories. Examples:

    fdnpkg install djgpp
    fdnpkg install freedoom

    Below is the exact list of packages that are preinstalled:

    attrib 2.1
    choice 4.4
    command 0.84 pre 2
    cpidos 3.0
    deltree 1.02g.mrlg
    edit 0.9a
    fc 3.03
    fdnpkg 0.94
    find 3.0a LFN (24 Sep 2007)
    help 1.0.7a
    kernel 2041
    mem 1.11
    more 4.3
    sort 1.4 (23 Sep 2007)
    tree 3.7.2
    unrar 3.80
    unzip 6.00
    xcopy 1.4
    zip 2.3

    This new 'distro' is available for download here:

  • Stas Sergeev

    Stas Sergeev - 2013-06-28

    (since most people use DOSemu for playing old games)

    I thought people use dosbox for old games. :)
    (after all, this is what dosbox was designed for)
    But FreeDOS have to be updated for sure.

    Last edit: Stas Sergeev 2013-06-28

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