#532 ser_demux expansion not working



using the ser_demux built there is still the same issue occuring. The saw starts moving but doesn't finish calibrating.
I started dosemu, ran pccom.bat, did mode com2:96,n,8,1 + mode com5:96,e,8,1 and started the program, began with calibrating which isn't finishing and has to be interrupted.
Attached -D9+Tsi log.

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  • Stas Sergeev

    Stas Sergeev - 2014-05-13

    Should be fixed now in git.

  • Hans-Christian Koch

    Impressive! I restarted machine to initiate a full calibration and still works. Attached the log.
    Next step for me is to test wether cutting works, too. This may take some time as I have to set up some parameters. In addition to that an employee told me that the COM5 cutting isn't working properly on the old PC since a few days so I have to check that one first (otherwise I may complain about errors not belonging to dosemu ;) ).
    I will merge vga and demux built now, otherwise I can't continue testing.

  • Hans-Christian Koch

    Very well done, seems to work. They're testing this for a week now and then I will ask them whether any problems occured - I think this can be closed.
    Will this also work for programs which make use of all 4 serial ports of PCCOM (COM5,COM6,COM7,COM8)? Some machines also have a second PCCOM card so they have COM 1 and 2 + COM5 - 12.

  • Stas Sergeev

    Stas Sergeev - 2014-05-14

    Should work but who knows. :)

  • Stas Sergeev

    Stas Sergeev - 2014-05-14
    • status: open --> closed

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