#438 specifying dos command doesn't seem to work


I do
dosemu c:\ttt
and all it does is silently exits after boot.
Looking into the logs, is seems it is trying
to interpret the current directory as C: and
doesn't find command.com (but why to silently
I can vaguely remember same problems in
the past, discussions and patches, but it looks
like it still doesn't work.


  • Bart Oldeman

    Bart Oldeman - 2012-05-10

    It works for me:
    $dosemu -dumb c:\hello
    hello world

    You need "unix -e" in autoexec.bat for this to work. Also try as "dosemu -E" to stay in DOS after so the error message from DOS doesn't disappear. Could you attach a log?

  • Stas Sergeev

    Stas Sergeev - 2012-05-10

    OK, with -E it at least does not silently exit.
    How about making this a default?

    Doesn't work for me though:
    dosemu -dumb -E c:\pos\maxs.exe

    "Welcome to dosemu!"
    About to Execute : c:\pos\maxs.exe

    Then I type "c:\pos\maxs.exe" and program starts.
    Strange that it works for you, then I need to have
    a look deeper.

  • Stas Sergeev

    Stas Sergeev - 2012-05-10

    If I comment out the following line:

    lredir d: linux\fs%DOSDRIVE_D%

    of autoexec.bat, then it starts to work.
    Note that I have DOS/command.com on D:

    What's the magic with drive D:?

  • Stas Sergeev

    Stas Sergeev - 2012-05-10

    And on a side-note:
    I am always getting the double posts,
    one because I am monitoring the thread,
    and one via dosemu-notify.
    Any way to get rid of that, yet not unsubscribing
    from dosemu-notify?


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