#8 It's an emulator, right?


Two useful features would be state load/save and the
ability to pause a running dosbox. Actually, it'd also
be nice to have a local as well as a local
configuration by default as having a global one isn't
always useful.


  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2002-11-04

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    we inly support local configuration
    see the readme

    The load and save features are planned to be implemented
    but it will take a while.

  • Boomer Kuwanger

    Boomer Kuwanger - 2002-11-06

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    Sorry for the repeat about local. I should have said it'd
    be nice to have a default config file. I guess though an
    alias really takes care of that. In any case, I can imagine
    how difficult save/load would be. Maybe I offer a
    suggestion? If at some the production of a DOS "root" is
    realized, then it should be possible to use long file names
    to tag files that are written to so they may be part of a
    machine. The basic idea is you could specify that a certain
    numbered (or really named) dos "machine" would be used, then
    all read/write access attempt to go through
    "filename.ext.machine" first before reverting to
    "filename.ext". If a write access occurs on "filename.ext",
    a copy could be created in "filename.ext.machine" and all
    future references on that machine could reference to that
    file. The largest problem would probably be "ghost" files
    which really exist but have been blocked from appearing by
    being on some delete list. It'd probably be best to just
    ignore the problem and allow each "machine" to only be able
    to delete their own copy while leaving the global visible.

    Combining this with one "machine" installing a DOS program
    and you'd have a setup where each "machine" would be based
    on the base install, after you external clean up file names
    to remove the ".machine" tag to files/directories that is.
    I think that such a direction would probably be the best way
    to maintain some level of consistency when writing some
    level of "state" writable DOS machine that has any
    reasonable level of integrity.

    After that long rant, I'd just like to thanks for all the
    work that's already been done. It's amazing how well sound
    works in games. :)

  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2002-11-12

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    if you don't specify a configfile it will look in the current dir
    for dosbox.conf. You could modify this routine to open
    dosbox.conf at a specified location if you want.

    the idea with the files ain't so bad, but I think for
    implementing save states that is the least of our problem.

    The problem is more all devices and memory.
    state of the soundblaster/buffer of soundblaster
    vga stuff
    ems/xms/ normal memory
    bios ....

    Dosbox allows programs to use 16 mb of memory (by xms )
    and maybe even more with ems.....
    all those things will need to be saved as well and restored
    when loaded. That will be real challanges.

    like when a int is called a new cpu decoder is started
    sometimes 6 are active we will save that as well
    and the states/registers of 6 of them.

  • David Bélanger

    David Bélanger - 2003-03-17

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    > and the ability to pause a running dosbox.

    If you are running on a UNIX box, you can always suspend the
    process (CTRL-Z). However, I have no idea if a process can
    be paused on Windows.


  • Justin Kerk

    Justin Kerk - 2003-04-28

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    If a pause feature is added, it would be nice to have it
    pause automatically when the window is minimized or
    unfocused, so you can go back and forth between gaming and
    real work. :P

    (many emulators do this already)

  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2004-09-17

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    pause is present. Put only if you press the key.
    We could do it on focusloss but for now let's see how normal
    pause works.

  • takysoft

    takysoft - 2007-11-06

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    Originator: NO

    "It's an emulator, right?" what kind of title is this?

    of course save and load state would be a great option, but that already has a topic. (maybe bacuse of this awful title:D)


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