#60 MIDI Input support


Does DosBox support MIDI input? Or could this MIDI
input support be added? (specifically, system
exclusive midi messages) This would allow old MIDI
libraians to work.

Perhaps I am confused on how DosBox works. I am
assuming it makes "any" modern windows sound card look
like one of the SB cards set up in dosbox.conf . Or..
do I have to have the sound card emulated by DOSBox
actually installed in the PC with it's windows xp driver?

I have Creative Audigy card in win xp and have tried
simulating SB1, SB2, SB16, Mpu and Mpu-uart by
configuring using dosbox.conf. After configuring
DosBox, I configure my particular dos program (see
below) to match. Have tried all combinations to no
avail. My program will send Midi (i.e. change program
commands)while running in DosBox but does not seem to
recieve MIDI data (i.e. a system exclusive dump from a
midi keyboard).

I have only tried this one particular program. The
program I am trying to use is kurle.exe a MIDI libraian
for Kurzweil keyboards from
http://members.aol.com/awsoftware (free) This program
does midi input and output and works with many SB cards
- when configured properly and running in real ms dos
mode with the configured sound card. It supports: mpu
mode (330, irq =selectable); sb1; sb2; sb16; or mpu
-uart mode (330, irq= selectable).

All memory IO and IRQs are configurable in Kurle so I
just set to match DosBox conf - but can not get midi
input to work. DOSBOX does seem to respond enough that
the program recognizes an emulated sound card. (this
is an io to card mem i/o location and wait for IRQ

Kurle (written by me many years ago) does direct I/O to
the sb1,sb2,... cards. the 'drivers' use mostly the
old Soundblaster Dos assy lang code examples supplied
by creative.

This is perhaps way more than you want to know and or
perhaps you are not even interested but.. just in
case I am missing something or... in case you are
interested.. :)

Dennis Spanogle


  • Christian Keck

    Christian Keck - 2010-07-04

    Yes, would be great if the existing patch for MIDI-in could make it's way into the main source tree soon.
    Looking forward to this feature! :-)

  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2010-07-04

    the one who coded that existing patch has stated that is currently not complete.
    I won't spend time on considering it to be added to the official tree unless he states that the patch is finished.


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