#55 Virtual Hard Drives


So from messing with WinImage, I made myself a boot
floppy image and ran MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1; all
was good.

I tried messing around with hard drive images and
failed due to either newbieness, or an incorrect image
format (Norton Ghost, WinImage).

I'd like to see a program built into DOSBox that would
make and mount hard drive images for booting from true
MS-DOS and other old operating systems. Another option
would be inculding a hard drive image (maybe 10mb)
within the tar/zip distributions because when
compressed the image's size would be neglegable.

Perhaps more documentation about mounting hard drive
images would be benifical.


  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2005-09-28

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    documentation is a bit sparse about the matter.

    I recall that bximage from bochs creates correct images. but
    it's been a while since I rarely make new images.

    Better documentation should be possible.

  • takysoft

    takysoft - 2007-11-06

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    I think Dosbox is a DOS system.. not a PC emulator.
    You can't install a DOS on it:D
    You might need Ms-VirtualPC , VmWare Worstation or VirtualBox for that.

    Bootable images?
    just sort your files into one directory, and attach the mount infos:D (a sciprt file maybe... sh or bat)


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