#53 MSDOS 7 - Long Filenames support


It would be nice to support long filename extensions to
the base DOS 21h file functions.

My problem at hand is that I am trying to extract an
UHARC 0.4 archive, but it seems an impossible task
under anything other than Microsoft Windows: by running
the version for DOS of the uharc 0.4 command line
utility, which is now limited by the missing long
filename support, the problem would be solved.



  • takysoft

    takysoft - 2007-11-06

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    long file names support is a really old, and missing thing is DosBox.

    Most DOS-based opsystems had log filenames support without any problems. Just to mention, DrDos was one of the best systems at that time. Long filenames, and Fat32 support:D (any dos could use fat32 and ntfs with 3rd party tools, of cource)

    The reason of Dosbox not having long filenames is, that the most populat system that time was MS-Dos 6.11 (microsoft advertise:D), and that one had no long filenames support.

    Even though later MS-DOS versions included this options, but thore weren't considered "stand-alone" opsystems, cause' they were part of the Win95/98 systems. (you could extract the files needed to make it run stand-alone, and even Windows had the option to make em' run stand alone (hit F8 while booting), but still...

    My opinion is, that "DOS" doesn't mean "MS"-Dos 6.11.
    My opinios is, that emulating "DOS" means emulating everything, what has been possible in a DOS system(at least DosBox aim this... with GUS emulation and stuff:D)

    Long filenames support had no compatibility issues, as long as i know. If it had, (which would only consider few programs), it would still be a very good, and very handy thing to have.

    If there are compatibility issues... long file names support doesn't have to be "on" by default. But is would be great to have an option in the config file to enable it, and have it.

  • Anonymous - 2007-11-07

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    I might be able to help you now. I solved the problem for which I opened the thread,
    which did not involve writing any support for DOS-7 only AH functions.
    Instead, I removed the 8.3 limit from the existing base file functions.

    What do you exactly need?

  • takysoft

    takysoft - 2007-11-07

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    It's not about "need".
    I'd just really like to see this option in DosBox.

  • Wengier

    Wengier - 2014-10-28

    I have already added long file name (LFN) support to DOSBox recently. It applies to both shell commands (e.g. DIR, CD, COPY) and Int21/AX=71xx functions for native LFN-aware DOS applications.

    Forum discussions & sources:

    Latest Windows binary + required DLLs, zipped:

    Last edit: Wengier 2014-10-28

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