#50 Hotkey to snoop file access requests


Might be nice to be able to hit a key and see all file-
access requests a game in DOSBox makes. Combined
with the fact that many old games' install apps don't
work well (I've had at least two that required manual
copying and tinkering), I suspect this may be of enough
value to code it. Assuming it's possible, of course.

I know there's utils to do this for an entire machine, but
with modern Windows OSs this can scroll by pretty fast
even w/ no other active apps.


  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2005-06-15

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    well the debug version of dosbox lists most file acces.
    it can be downloaded from the development forum.

    I think the information will be of little use to the avarage
    Maybe It would be an idea to list the installers that didn't
    work in the hope we can fix the problems with it.

  • Tran Forsythe

    Tran Forsythe - 2005-06-16

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    Mmm... I'd disagree, but I'm not coding on this project, so, so
    be it. As far as the installers, here you go:

    Appeared to run fine, but not all resource (RES0-9) files were
    copied over. I documented my specs in a thread
    (named "ChronoMaster : DFMEM error"), in the Game/App
    forum. Btw, ran perfectly all the way to the very end w/ 0.63
    after I fixed this issue.

    Realms of the Haunting:
    Got a "Divide Error" when installing from CD1, so I had to
    copy CD1 to my HDD and could install from there with some
    manual tweaking to the config files for path info, etc. Still not
    working, can't find the CD it says (and I have -ioctl enabled),
    but I'm tired of dorking with it for now and don't feel like also
    installing VDMS and SaPu's MSCDEX.

  • Tran Forsythe

    Tran Forsythe - 2005-06-16

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    Erm... realised I was ambiguous there. I meant
    ChronoMaster ran all the way to the end w/ DosBox v0.63
    once I'd cleaned up after the installer.

  • Sebastian Mendel

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    agree, getting a log of file accesses could sometimes very
    helpfully finding missed or misplaced files in old dos games
    or - there own error messages are not always very helpful.

    at least only accesses or fileexists commands should be
    optionally logged/displayed in status window.


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