#45 Voodoo emulation


Having support for Voodoo 2 hardware emulation would
be quite nice so one could take advantage of the DOS
games that support Glide.

MAME have a good one from what I've read.

I don't really care about how slow it would be, because
one day it will be playable. But I can see how it wouldn't
be a top-priority right now, though :)


  • takysoft

    takysoft - 2007-11-06

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    Yes. my opinios is, that thip option is the last BIG step to total DOS emulation. (at leats as big as protected mode:D)
    Cannot be version 1.0 without it. Dosbos emulates GUS, SB, and a great S3 Trio videocard.
    Every gamer's dream is 3dfx emulation.
    We could play Tomb Raider and GTA, and lot's of other stuff:D.

    I know this is a really big thing to implement. Lot of work to do, testing and stuff. And glide wasn't even the most compatible and reliable thing in it's time. But is's the great missing thing is total hardware emulation.

    as it is said in the summary, speed is not the issue here. Full emulation, without bugs is the thing needed first. Of course it has to be optimized as good as it can be, but is the result is unplayable on ALL current configs... we'll understand, and hope, one day we'll get the processors needed:D
    (But a 2 core 3 ghz processon nowadays should be enough for et least some testing:D)

    3dfx glide was the first really hardware-supported 3D creation method. Emulating it could be at least as hard, as emulating a 80286 cpu... but it's really needed, and missing...

    I'm not begging, but i might ask: Please, DosBox team... if you ever want to release Dosbox 1.0.... Glide should be in it!

  • Madd the Sane

    Madd the Sane - 2013-07-16

    From what I can tell, the Glide API is derived from OpenGL, so porting it isn't hard… if it was on the same OS. Most likely DOSBox will have to translate raw hardware Glide instructions into Glide code, then OpenGL (we could probably take out converting to Glide code and go straight to OpenGL).

  • James Le Cuirot

    James Le Cuirot - 2016-09-14

    Since this was originally posted, Gulikoza has maintained a patch that I'm sure the DOSBox team is aware of. This has been floating around for 9 years now and GOG even included it in their Tomb Raider release. I'm trying to get support for this added to the DOSBox package in Gentoo Linux and I am being asked why it has never been merged upstream. Could I please get an official statement on it?


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