#394 "call file.bat" not working under "Norton Commanders"


Just so it's not lost, I'm copying this bug from the forum
(the post at http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=35350 contains pictures and a proposed fix).

Set-up: I'm using DosBox 0.74 on Windows 7 74-bit.

I have two batch files.

@echo qqq start!
@call www.bat
@echo qqq finish!

and WWW.BAT:
@echo www!

If I run QQQ.BAT directly from DosBox, I get all three lines printed.

But if I try to run this batch file from under any shells similar to the Norton Commander (Dos Navigator, Volkov Commander, Frunze Commander), "CALL WWW.BAT" doesn't seem to return control from WWW.BAT back to QQQ.BAT and only "start!" and "www!" get printed.

If I exit whatever commander I'm running and run QQQ.BAT again, all is back to normal, all three lines are printed.

The proposed (in the forum) fix is attached.

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  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2013-05-09
    • assigned_to: ripsaw8080
  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2013-05-09

    Assigned to the creator of the patch.

  • ripsaw8080

    ripsaw8080 - 2015-01-06

    Patch committed in r3885.

  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2015-01-06
    • status: open --> fixed

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