#315 AMD64 Dynamic core bug


Tried running the game Azrael's Tear on a 64 bit Linux system.

With the dynamic core, the game displays no textures (screens attached).
With the normal core, textures are displayed, but the game is very slow.

I tried the dynamic_nodhfpu trick, and this made the textures work, but the game is still much slower than with the plain dynamic core.

I then tried the game under Doxbox in Windows 2000 on the same machine. Plain dynamic worked fine, good speed, textures appeared.

Since this problem only happens on my 64 bit Linux install and not on the 32 bit Win2k, I'll wager that this is a 64-bit specific problem with the dynamic core.


  • Benjamin Leggett

    No textures - Dynamic core

  • Benjamin Leggett

    File Added: r_001.png

  • Benjamin Leggett

    Proper textures - Normal core

  • Benjamin Leggett

    File Added: r_002.png

  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2008-09-23

    I can confirm this bug with 0.72. however it has already been fixed in the CVS.
    I think it was fixed by this commit

    2007-10-01 22:31 c2woody

    * src/cpu/core_dynrec/dyn_fpu.h: swap parameter loading to work
      around register clashing for x86_64 (drc dynamic fpu)

    You can use the debian patch as well as it works there as well fine

  • Benjamin Leggett

    Yup, latest CVS fixes it. Marking as fixed.


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