#314 Unable to read given .cue file


I'm trying to use a generated CD image for playing on my Eee PC (which does not have a CDROM drive).

The parser for CUE files fails reading this file as a valid CUE file. It was generated by cdrdao and I have no reason to believe it is an incorrect .cue file.

A cursory look into the problem revealed that MODE1_RAW type might not be supported, that the CD_ROM line is unsupported as well as the comment lines, and that's about as far as I came.

Any ideas?

(Reading the CD-ROM directly does work, as well as the game itself. Good work!)


  • Malte Cornils

    Malte Cornils - 2008-09-15

    cue file that bombs out

  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2008-09-16

    I've never seen such a complicated cue file before.

  • Malte Cornils

    Malte Cornils - 2008-09-18

    Yeah, of course I'd be willing to change the Cue file's contents to make it work, and/or use a different cue file generator (recommendations?), but I'd say the cue file fairly accurately represents the structure of the CDROM's TOC. Also, I suppose it's still a bug in dosbox's cue file parser.

  • Malte Cornils

    Malte Cornils - 2008-09-18

    Well, having had a look at some of the unofficial "Cue file specification" documents, I'd say this file format is not totally dissimilar to the pseudostandard CUE file format, but different enough that dosbox really can't be expected to parse it as a cue file.
    I tried :-) but in the end, the only clean solution would be writing a "cdrdao cue file parser" and detecting whether this hypothetical parser is to be used or the standard cue file parser. In the meantime, I'll convert my "cue" file to a cue file manually.

    Again: not parsing this file as a cue file is actually the correct thing to do, because it is an invalid cue file.

  • Malte Cornils

    Malte Cornils - 2008-09-19

    Another comment for those stuck with the cdrdao-generated "toc" files: cdrdao actually contains the toc2cue utility, which can convert a toc file to a cue file. Now that was easy :-))


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