#117 Sound stutters in Hyperspeed

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Downloaded the game Hyperspeed from Abandonkeep
and ran with Neverlock loader (HYPERS_K.EXE). Adlib
music stutters very badly on PII-450, PIII-550 (both
WinXP SP1a + SBLive w/Creative drivers), and I've heard
a second-hand report that it happens on >1GHz
systems as well. The stuttering happens regardless of
cycle count, frameskip, fullscreen, keepsmall, etc.
settings, and occurs in the release build of 0.57, home-
built Release and Debug versions of the CVS (circa
3/3/2003) in MSVC++, and in a 0.573 debug release
that someone sent me.

Apparently this game is doing something strange that
DOSBox doesn't like.

When running in WinXP's NTVDM using VDMSound, the
game crashes in different places with complaints of too
little conventional memory. I tried running with DOSBox
because it allows you to disable both EMS and XMS
completely and still have 640kB of conventional RAM.


  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2003-03-22

    Logged In: YES

    - Played the easy cluster through to the end. Worked great. I
    was using Roland sound instead of Adlib and it sucks though.
    Not DosBox's fault.


  • Ben Shadwick

    Ben Shadwick - 2003-03-23

    Logged In: YES

    Yup it works good in the 0.58 release candidate I've been
    testing. I think the multithreaded code just wasn't working in
    any of the older 0.57 thru pre-0.58 builds I was trying.


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