#109 Setting C_DEBUG to 1 messes up term in Linux

R Pickett

Dwiddling settings.h to #define C_DEBUG 1 makes it so
that, upon exiting dosbox, the terminal window you
started it from has its term settings messed up and
requires a 'reset' command to get it back to normal.
Most specifically, local echo of characters is turned
off, and it also seems to get confused about the width
of the window.

This is with 12/31 CVS, RH Linux 8.


  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    I wrote that down in the settings.h file

    If because of the fact i just enabled the debugger and not
    finished all the stuff.
    I need to save the console state at startup and restore it on
    close down. But didn't feel like doing it yet. Maybe one day

    the width of the window is changed by dosbox but the env
    variables are not updated.....

  • R Pickett
    R Pickett

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    (*nod) As an FYI, the width-change code doesn't work in the
    Gnome terminal, although it does work in xterm and rxvt.
    Not sure if that's really an issue, just a heads-up.

    I'll keep dinking with the debugger but not file bugs
    against it until I hear that it's more solid.

  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    the gnome terminal: I didn't test it. I just searched and
    searched till I found a way to resize the terminal! I don't
    think I'll add support for a gnome terminal as they are
    actually the ones lacking support for resizing it :)

    Feel free to submit bug reports for the debugger Not that
    many people use it :( (we do off course)
    As long they are not concerned with the exiting of dosbox :)
    I'll add support for it in the future.
    Till then I'll leave this report open as reminder although It's
    mentioned in the documentation.

    Any question about the subject Feel free to contact me.

    Grtz Peter

  • Peter Veenstra
    Peter Veenstra

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    I found out that the colors weren't working either :(

    I updated both. I don't return the size to normal.
    but the colors are working
    and the state of console will be saved/restored

    in the cvs at least :)