DOS Doctor - DOS Batch Subs Ready for Use V1.08 released

DOS Doctor - DOS Batch Subs Ready To Use

DOS Doctor - Batch Subroutines Ready To Use

Modular build DOS Batch Subroutines supporting Date and Time handling inclusive error handling, command execution with automatic "Delayed Expansion", subroutines for disk partitions, language detection, string handling and last but not least "debugging" of complex DOS projects ... and a detailed handbook (today 60 pages).

All subs are written in pure DOS command language.

In detail:
- GetDateTime with arguments date / time / actual
- Date/ Time formats: %Year%, %Month%, ..., %Sec%, %YYMMDD% %HHMMSS% ...
- Adding / subtracting days to a date incl. leap years
- Restarting a batch with "Delayed Expansion" if necessary
- Routines to act apon "%UserVariables%"
- Routines for checking disk space and automatic alarm to an admin PC
- Handing characters / strings (replace/ fill/ upper/ lower/ centered)
- Searching for USB sticks
- Simplified / automatic NetSend, NetUse
- Automated backup utilities (full and part backups) using 7-ZIP or equivalent
- Automated backup utilities for Acronis Backup (special)

- Possibility to load all necessary subs into one file with automatic internal call of the subs (DOS project)
- Debugging a DOS project file (echo to file / trace info on screen)
- Measurement of time consumption (mean value) for individual subs (running in the project context)
- Generation of a "Make File" creating a DOS project file (gathering all subs till end of sub-tree) -- written in DOS batch!

Posted by Magra 2008-11-17

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