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DornCMS is an extremely easy to use content management system written in PHP. It is meant for simple personal or informational websites that don't require a lot of interaction. DornCMS is completely file based; no database needed.

DornCMS 1.4 was just released! Download it now at

Check out the wiki at for installation instructions and useful tutorials.

To see a live demo of DornCMS, check out

Stable Features (in latest ZIP download)

  • Full web-based editing of templates, pages, style sheets, and site variables
  • Easy install script to get up and running quickly
  • Support for multiple CMS users with different privileges
  • Full version control system for pages and elements
  • Fully integrated WYSIWYG editor for HTML elements
  • Multi-language support for front-end and back-end
  • Full Mobile support
  • Tightly integrated with jQuery and jQueryUI to provide a nice user interface
  • Backup and Restore entire site
  • URL Rewriting for front-end and back-end to support "pretty URLs".
  • Supports advanced forms and form processing
  • Support for HTML meta tags
  • Live preview of pages
  • Google Analytics integration

Dev Features (in SVN)

  • Page caching (should speed up sites even more)
  • New, easier plugin system
  • Ability to edit javascript files
  • Easier template system
  • DornCMS AdminBar that makes editing pages even easier

Planned Features

  • Easy way to package, distribute, and install ready-made templates
  • More robust plugin system

Screen Shots

Main CMS page

Main CMS page

WYSIWYG Editor for HTML elements

Editing a page

Full Version Control System (DornCMS 1.3)

Version Control

Backup and Restore Entire Site

Backup and Restore

Front-End Site

Example site