#9 ftp.module config file writing error


Found one error in ftp.module (tested os4 version, but imho will be the same everywhere). To reproduce:

-- spawn adressbook.
-- create any new entry
-- press RMB, and choice "save". It will save a file called "ftp_sites" in the dopus5:System directory. All ok.

Again change anything in addressbook (add new entry, or edit previous one), and then again RMB and choice "save", and we have:

Directory Opus Request
Error Saving File !
DOS error 205: object not found

Looks like some code didn't close normally file when save or something ?


  • kas1e

    kas1e - 2013-09-23

    Some more info: It just enough to have that file and we can't save to it ever. I.e. if there is none, ftp_sites file creates fine. But if there already that file, then any "save" again on that file lead to such error.

  • kas1e

    kas1e - 2013-09-24

    Some more info from Severin:

    Looks like the ftp module is trying to get the parent drawer of an assign causing it to fail as there isn't one...

    Snoopy says:

    00003 : dopus_ftp_address_book : o.k. = Lock("DOpus5:System/ftp_sites",SHARED) [125827uS]
    00004 : dopus_ftp_address_book : o.k. = Examine("ftp_sites") [5uS]
    00005 : dopus_ftp_address_book : DIR = ParentDir("DOpus5:System/ftp_sites") [11uS]
    00006 : dopus_ftp_address_book : o.k. = CreateNewProc("dopus_requester_proc") [148uS]

    Step 5 is the problem.

    To add , on AROS there is no problems with it as far as we test before. Also, when there is no ftp_sites file all saves fine. Problem happens only when file is here already.

    Last edit: kas1e 2013-09-24
  • xenic

    xenic - 2014-03-03

    Fixed FTP site (addressbook) saving failure by replacing DOS packet file renaming in IFF open/close functions (library/iff.c) with code using DOS Rename() function.

    This fix was tested with OS4 & OS3 binaries. When we get confirmation that it also works for AROS, this item can be closed.

  • BSzili

    BSzili - 2014-03-03

    This issue was never present on AROS, so it can be closed.

  • BSzili

    BSzili - 2014-03-04
    • status: open --> closed

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