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#47 AROS:urgent! Dopus can't handle files in icon mode, when a icon is chosen for a specified filetype


On AROS we can't assign to filetypes default icons different from the blank one, otherwise Dopus5 won't be able to open that kind of file anymore. In AROS, OS default icons for file types are stored in envarc:SYS folder, in terms of files. Once you select the right OS def_*.info icon and you decide it will be the default icon for DOPUS5 filetypes too, you won't be able to open it in DOPUS5 icon mode with a double click. You can just do what right menu options allow to do, but double clicking won't work anymore.

To reproduce this, just take this ASCII example filetype. You will notice it hasn't any icon defined.

  1. install it in DOPUS5 on AROS
  2. open a directory with a text file in ICON MODE or ICON ACTION MODE
  3. it will be opened correctly with a double click

  4. now close everything but DOPUS5

  5. open the ASCII filetype with filetype editor
  6. select ENVARC:SYS/ icon for the ASCII filetype
  7. repeat step 2 and 3: this time double clicking won't work anymore

This is particularily annoying in Workbench replacement mode.

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  • paolo besser

    paolo besser - 2014-06-30

    Further testing revealed that the issue does not happen with default AROS icons, but with Icaros ones (which are, BTW, renamed double-state PNG files, while original AROS ones are simple single-status PNG files). I don't know what exactly triggers the issue, and (dobule/single) status apart, what can be the differences between AROS PNG icons and Icaros' PNG ones drawn by Ken Lester.

  • paolo besser

    paolo besser - 2014-07-01

    After all, it seems an AROS icon.library issue, so better place this on hold for now...

    Please have a look at issue #48 if you can, I really need to be able to override DOPUS default actions for double-clicks: I must do it to allow 68K applications run flawlessly (on x86) under emulation.

  • paolo besser

    paolo besser - 2014-07-02

    Oddity increases. I have copied def_#?.info files from AROS nightly build to a DOPUS5: internal subdirectory, assigned the archive filetype the file in DOPUS5: subdrawer and... if I open a drawer full of zip files in icon mode, instead of showing the just-chosen icon, Dopus 5 shows the one used by AROS default. If I remove the icon, telling DOPUS 5 not to use the icon in filetype editor, the generic blank icon correctly appears. So the question is: where exactly does Dopus look for the icon to show, if my choice appears overridden? Maybe in the ones defined by system datatypes? Is this right?

  • xenic

    xenic - 2016-01-09

    Dopus5 uses a limited number of default icons (program, project etc.) which is why you get the project icon or an internal icon when no filetype icons are chosen. I don't have AROS to test with but the filetype editor icon requester opens in the Dopus5 directory. The path is blank and if you choose an icon without including a device (like hd0:) or assignment (like Dopus5:) in the path, an incomplete path will be saved and the program will not find the icon.

    I'm going to add a default path to the requester to help avoid the problem of saving incomplete paths. If there is no response to this post, this ticket will be closed. Feel free to reopen it if the problem persists.

  • xenic

    xenic - 2016-01-10
    • status: open --> closed

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