#35 all: 64bit dos support for dos patches.


While we already add 64bit disk and dos support almost everywhere in all used place, still, when it come to dos-patches we still need to deal with them.

Problem, is that when we enable those experemintal dos patches (and they mostly works) via env:dopus/dospatch, then when all notifications happens, size of files/dirs are big-random numbers, the same as we have when we didn't replace Examine on our ExamineLock64.

I.e. with enabled dos-patches, when i create dir with icon, after 4-5 seconds refresh of lister happens (that expected by dos-patches), and icon have again wrong size (related to our 64bit fixes). File in question are Library/dos_patches.c

Relevant note from xenic:

I don't think you need to change the FIB allocation in dos_patches.c. As far as I know the DOpus5 memory allocations are alligned properly. The only time you should get improperly alligned FIB is if you declare the FIB as a structure variable (not a pointer) in a function. In that case it is allocated on the stack and could get bad alligment. I could be wrong but I think you just need to change the Examine() function and then trace the notification sent to the program to see if the correct value is being sent by the notification and if program functions need to be changed. For me that would mean a massive amount of debug statements in the program to find out which functions are involved but you may have an easier way.


  • BSzili

    BSzili - 2014-05-18

    This has nothing to do with FIB allocation, which is already aligned, otherwise the Examine functions wouldn't have worked to begin with. I just replaced the Examine functions with the 64-bit ones.

  • kas1e

    kas1e - 2014-05-19

    Tested new fixes , and looks like something else should be done. Currently with -D_USE-64BIT in the librarie's makefiles make lister not refreshes. I.e. i just create file in ram via notepad, press save, and while after few seconds lister should updates - it didn't. While when we compile library with -D_USE_64BIT, it works as before (i.e. notifications works, just size if wrong).

  • kas1e

    kas1e - 2014-05-26

    There was small typo error , so fixed and dospatches works now in 64bit mode.

  • kas1e

    kas1e - 2014-05-26
    • status: open --> closed
  • kas1e

    kas1e - 2014-06-23
    • Milestone: 5.92 --> 5.91

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