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DoomLegacy 1.44

DoomLegacy 1.44 is nearly ready to be the stable release. The alpha4 release contains many features new since 1.42.
Fewer fatal errors, adapts better to wad errors and environment.
Many latent bugs got fixed, over 400 code change commits (revisions SVN554 to SVN999).
Finer more capable Gamma controls.
BEX handling, and DEH (dehacked) handling improved.
Boom linedefs are more completly handled (translucents and colormaps) and have compatibility mode settings.
Transparent and translucent texture drawing is more complete.
Drawing modes for 8 bit, 15 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit, 32 bit video, and OpenGL.
New DoomLegacy fog-water linedefs with mode, color, alpha, texture controls.
Has savegame directories with 99 savegames per directory.
Large level handling.
Large numbers of sprites handled with limit controls.
Fragglescript rewritten to gracefully handle script errors.

Posted by Wesley Johnson 2013-05-15

DooM Legacy 1.42 is ready for download

A new maintenance release is now available for download. This version adds some FS functions and fix some issues under Linux (Heretic now works with the SDL executable).

Here are some highlights from the CVS log:
- get rid of FS hud pics on level exit and new game, also added exl's fix for clearing hub variables on new game
- SetObjPosition to work around spawning and removing objects
- changed objstate to set state and return result of function, user can use other clues to find out what the state of an object is
- objheal(): so there's no pain state or noise; resurrect(): completely bring 'em back
- Added objstate(), which is modifed from Exl's code and playerselwep() to complement playerweapon().
- added ability to set with objangle()
- Small fix - spawnmissile now returns mobj
- added "Monsters Infight" for Dehacked patches
- "kill" command added to the console
- FS spawned items and monsters retain their z coordinates for respawning
- bug fix: stop checking non-solids against other things; was responsible for corona movement bug in bug wad
- new cvar added: screenshotdir... read more

Posted by Andy Piper 2004-04-21

Doom Legacy 1.41 out

I haven't much to say about it. It's rather a maintenance release with all that stuff:

- bots (thanks to Anthony Cole)
- new FS functions (setlinetexture, checkcvar, gameskill,
playeraddfrag, skincolor, playerweapon, radiusattack, testlocation,
spawnmissile, mapthings, mapthingnumexist, objtype, playdemo)
- playerkeys FS function compliant with the docs.
- no more need to add () after the else FS statetement (just like in
- flat support resolution from 32x32 up to 2048x2048
- translucent HUD in hardware mode
- support for translated translucent column in software mode
- made ranking screen smaller for splitscreen
- alpha support for trans 3d floors in software
- Sparc/Solaris plateform support
- FreeBSD 5 support
- improved compatibility between supported OS
- chexquest support
- accept running pwad with the shwareware version
- support of MP3 and OGG Vorbis under win32 using fmod (ignored for
now on other OS)
- fix music pause bug under win32
- random sound pitch off by default
- fix spawn in net game
- more explicit error/warning messages
- fix the "player spawning instead of weapon" bug
- new master server host (
- big blockmap support
- added linedef #s for vertical wind currents. 294 is up, 295 is down.
- vertical wind currents and friction capability on 3d floors
- fix the log bug under linux
- -glide does the same thing as -3dfx (but glide support doesn't work
properly for now)
- saved games and net games are incompatible with previous versions
- fixes some random crashes
- fixes some other minor bugs... read more

Posted by Thierry Van Elsuwe 2003-10-02

DooM Legacy v1.30 is finally available!

Yes, you can believe us, here it is, at last! DooM Legacy v1.30 ( is now available for Dos, Linux and Win32 environments. A MacOS, BeOS and OS/2 version based on this new one will be released soon (I hope) in beta. Multiplayer TCP/IP will be fully compatible between all those versions!

Some highlights (see whatsnew.txt in the distribution file for more) :... read more

Posted by Thierry Van Elsuwe 2000-08-12

DooM Legacy Launcher v1.3

A new version of the Launcher is now available for download.
At the same time, the source code (of the windows version) is now on the CVS repository. It should be a good start point for porting the launcher to another environment.

Posted by Thierry Van Elsuwe 2000-05-02

DooM Legacy 1.29 pre-release 7 now available

DooM Legacy 1.29 pre-release 7 is now available. This version is available for Dos, Windows and Linux. This has became possible thanks to the help of new members in the team. I would like to thanks them for the good job they did during this last month ;-)

Ok, it's not the final one as I have announced it before. We had a big problem, but now, it's fixed and thus this is the final step before the final version. Only bugs will be fixed for the final version (no new features added). That's why, we'd like you to test it and report bugs you may find. ... read more

Posted by Thierry Van Elsuwe 2000-04-20

DooM Legacy 1.29 pre-release 5 now available

Yes, that's the name of the development version before the 1.29 final release! This version is a gift to all the users of DooM Legacy and to all who want to try the new features we implemented in Doom (Internet play with Doom has never been so cool). This version is really stable compared to the previous pre-release since it fixes most of the more annoying known bugs. That's why I want to give it to you now! ... read more

Posted by Thierry Van Elsuwe 2000-03-03

OpenGL DooM Legacy 1.29 pre-release 3 available!

DooM Legacy 1.29 pre-release 3 is now available for download. The source code has also been uploaded on the CVS repository. If you're interesting by helping us, feel free to contact the DooM Legacy Team at

DooM Legacy is one of the most popular Doom source port, available actually for DOS, Win32, Linux and MacOS (this one is not supported by our team, though) and we hope to make a BeOS and a sgi version soon.
It enhances Doom with a lot of things:
- hi-res support (including OpenGL/Glide)
- new network code for internet game playing, using TCP/IP and supporting up to 32 players
- new visual effects like tansparency on sprites and walls, coronas, dynamic lighting,...
- Look up and down (freelook)
- chasecam
- console like in Quake
- skins
- split screen mode, so two players can play on the same computer
- dehacked support
- jump / fly / walk over and under things
- and much more ...... read more

Posted by Thierry Van Elsuwe 2000-02-22

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