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Domino Javadoc Generator / News: Recent posts

Domino-javadoc 0.4 has been released.

This is a new release of the Domino Javadoc Generator, a tool generating a Javadoc documentation for Java classes of the Lotus Notes API together with a pseudo-source code. This standard Javadoc documentation can be integrated with IDEs like Eclipse.

With the release 0.4, the content of the generated documentation has been significantly improved. Additional pages have been added, hyperlinks have been made working and rendering of tables has been fixed. Upgrade is highly recomended.... read more

Posted by Ferdinand Prantl 2006-08-10

The first release has been published.

The first one but with a quite complete functionality and ready for the serious usage. A generated javadoc for the Lotus Notes API is also downloadable for convenience.

Posted by Ferdinand Prantl 2006-07-30