#4 Enhancement Suggestions - esp. wildcard display.


Could the name of the map being played be displayed in the yura.net Domination title bar?
(I often bring up the map in the map editor so I can see the inter-territory pathways and relationships - given the wide variety of map names, this would help me to remember which map I started. e.g. There are multiple versions of some maps, such as fortress.)

Wildcard display - when showing wildcards:
- could the wildcards for territory I don't have be coloured in the main, map, too? Brown? Then when I have to choose between two cards I don't have, I can try and hold on to the one I might be near soon?
- When fighting or moving, I can switch main tabs, such as between Continents and Card Ownership. Could the same happen when I have the card display up? I'll frequently bring up cards, then want to switch to Card Ownership to see where they are.
- given the wide variety of maps and naming conventions, let alone non-native languages, although I may have several cards, shown blue, I still can't tell which territory is which. Could the territory name in the upper left corner be displayed then, too, when I hover over a territory, even though I have the card view up?
- being able to display the territory name, at various times, even when I don't own it, would be useful.
- could the continent of the name being displayed (upper left corner) also be indicated somehow? e.g. Perhaps the background colour of the name text matching the background colour of the territory?
- a number of maps have chosen territory background colours that match the playing pieces. This can make it hard to see that a territory is occupied, or from where one is being attacked. Could the background colour or playing piece colour be munged somehow in this situation? Perhaps +/- 32 on a background colour (highest RGB value) when this happens? If -32 would roll (past 0) perhaps use +32? Or, perhaps the playing piece circle could have a black or white outline?

Thanks for listening.

-- Bill



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