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DomainMath IDE 0.0.6 has been released!

DomainMath IDE 0.0.6 has been released! User Interface has changed and new tool for bio-info package are main features of this version. bio-info tool is a beta version,please post your comments about new tool.

Posted by Vinu 2012-07-29 Labels: DomainMath IDE 0.0.6

DomainMath IDE version 0.0.5 beta

New version of DomainMath IDE (version 0.0.5 beta) will be available at the end of this month. New version is a minor version, or an improved version of 0.0.4.

Improved code editor and dle code editor, quick google and wikipedia search support are some of new features of 0.0.5 beta.

In this new version,if you press Gnu Octave from Help menu; a dialog box will appear containing some information about Gnu Octave. Actually this dialog box created by java package! You can see similar simple work in 'test enviornment' also. I think I must use java package more in my project,because my project written in 'java'.

Posted by Vinu 2012-05-05 Labels: DomainMath IDE version 0.0.5 beta

DomainMath IDE version 0.0.4 has been released

DomainMath IDE version 0.0.4 has been released. Code editor for m script and dynare script and another code editor for dynamic link extension are the main features of the new version.

Posted by Vinu 2012-04-21 Labels: DomainMath IDE version 0.0.4

DomainMath IDE version 0.0.3

After 2 weeks of testing,now DomainMath IDE available for downloading. DomainMath IDE version 0.0.3 is a major release. Lots of features have included in this version. Download new version and send your comments.

Posted by Vinu 2012-03-24 Labels: DomainMath IDE Version 0.0.3

DomainMath IDE with Octave for Visual Studio

Octave has been released new version for Visual Studio. Lots of new features are added in this version. Fast startup,First gui front end,new plot toolkit qt,qt handles, new gnuplot are some of the striking visible features.

I have tested DomainMath IDE with new Octave version. DomainMath IDE works fine with new version. DomainMath IDE start up more faster than with version 3.6.0.

Like fltk plot toolkit qt plot kit does not work fine inside DomainMath IDE. It draw plots but it does not exit when pressing close. If you need qt plot,you can draw plots like fltk.... read more

Posted by Vinu 2012-03-18 Labels: DomainMath IDE with Octave for Visual Studio

DomainMath IDE 0.0.3 Developer Preview version has been released

DomainMath IDE Developer Preview version 0.0.3 has been released. You can download this version from or sourceforge . Please review my software or post your valuable comments.

Posted by Vinu 2012-03-12 Labels: DomainMath IDE Developer Preview version 0.0.3

DomainMath IDE v0.0.2

Development of Version 0.0.2 almost completed,you can download new version at the end of this month. File View, Physical Constants, Octave Configuration Info are the key features of the new version.

'File View' contains files in current directory. Using 'File View' you can open files using outside softwares (if there is no software association for the file DomainMath IDE complain about access of that file, ie "access denied"), run m-files and perl files and also some file operations like rename, duplicate,delete.... read more

Posted by Vinu 2012-02-12 Labels: DomainMath IDE v0.0.2

Which version of JRE and GNU Octave?

Inorder to run DomainMath IDE,you need JRE and GNU Octave. All versions of DomainMath IDE have created with most latest JDK(Java) so you required latest version of JRE. And also require latest version of GNU Octave; you can use older versions with DomainMath IDE (your own risk).

Posted by Vinu 2012-01-31 Labels: Which version of JRE and GNU Octave.

New version (DomainMath IDE version 0.0.1) has been released

New version has been released. You can download new version from sourceforge or 'Set Paths', FLTK-Open gl plot support, and many more.

Posted by Vinu 2012-01-31

DomainMath IDE Version 0.0.1

Ofcourse, new version of DomainMath IDE will be available at the end of this month. 'Set Paths', fltk plot support, more support on preferences and many bugs fixed are main features of new version.

Developer preview edition never support fltk ploting. Fltk run inside octave so that DomainMath IDE can not plot using fltk. But gnuplot will plot smoothly,because gnuplot and octave run in different processes, so DomainMath IDE can plot.
Inorder to solve fltk problem, i have to option,run plot commands in seperate console window (without piping) or connect octave via JNI. I choose first option,commands for plot will run using command console. Connecting octave via JNI will kill Java it will not run as crossplatform.

Posted by Vinu 2012-01-21

DomainMath Developer Edition

Thank you for downloading my software,but unfortunately i didnt get any feedback from user. Please post your feedback and also review my software. Now you can download DomainMath from,

If you are using new GNU Octave you may feel some problems while you are drawing plots,the reason of this issue is the default graphics toolkit fltk. This toolkit run in a single process with Octave so that we can not link via pipe with Octave, inorder to solve this problem choose File > Preferences from Prefrences Dialog box type graphics_toolkit gnuplot; press OK,then restart DomainMath.

Posted by Vinu 2012-01-16