Problems showing "heap used" on 64 bit

  • Nicolai Marck Øum

    Weblogic 10 MP1
    Redhat 5.3
    JRockit 3.1.0 64 bit

    domainhealth has worked nicely on this cluster when it was 32 bit - after converting to 64 bit (on 32 bit the jvm was started with 2GB ram, on 64 bit is started with 8 GB ram)

    The problem is that "heap used" shows N/A for the servers even when I know for a fact that they are working.

    • Paul Done

      Paul Done - 2009-07-14

      Hi Nicolai

      Coincidently another user reported the problem a few days ago here:

      The problem is I am using an int for the field instead of a long. The other post suggests a code fix which you could apply (see Docs link for this SourceForge project detailing how to re-build the war using Ant after making the code change - fairly simple to do so don't worry). I hope to have a new release in a few weeks time which would include this fix.



      • Nicolai Marck Øum

        Hey Paul

        Thx for the reply - is there anything I can do to speed up the process of getting a new release?

        • Paul Done

          Paul Done - 2009-08-09

          A beta for 0.8 is close - biggest favour you could do me is to test it when its announced on the site and send me any feedback about issues, etc. Hopefullly the beta will be released by end of this week but if there's any slippage then will be end of August due to some holiday I've got booked in the meaintime. Thx  Paul

          • Nicolai Marck Øum

            I will download it the second you relase it and I promise I will give feedback :-)


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