dom4j 1.6 released!

The dom4j team is pleased to announce the dom4j 1.6 release!

dom4j: the flexible XML framework for Java

Changes in this version include:

New Features:

o Added a methods to SAXReader allowing to specify the encoding used when
reading XML sources. Thanks to Filip Jirsak.
o Added a setXMLEncoding(String) method to the Document interface.
o Added a SingletonStrategy class for managing singletons. This allows to use
different strategies for singletons, like: one instance per VM, one
instance per thread, ... This change removed the usage of ThreadLocals.

Fixed bugs:

o Removed a static OutputFormat field from AbstractBranch. This can cause
problems if multiple threads are using the asXML() method simultaniously.
Thanks to John Plaxton.
o Fixed a whitespace problem with the pretty-print OutputFormat. Thanks to
Brett Porter.
o Fixed a bug in the DefaultElement.setContent(List) method that caused
incorrectly resetting the parent of the nodes in the list. Thanks to Peter
o Fixed a problem in AbstractDocument.asXML() when an encoding was specified
on the Document. Thanks to Pieter Valcke.
o The DefaultNamespace.isReadOnly() method now returns false. This fixes
issues with cloning this Node.
o Fixed a bug in Stylesheet when an xpath expressions was used to select the
nodes. Thanks to Brett Porter.


o Changed the DocumentHelper.parseText(String) method to make sure that the
XML encoding is always set (if known) on the returned Document, even if the
used SAXParser doesn't provide a way to retrieve that encoding.
o Modified SAXEventRecorder to accomodate sax events generated when writing a
o Updated DocumentFactory to create the instance untill the first time it is
needed. Thanks to Brian Topping.

Removed features:

o Removed persistence package and sub-package.

Have fun!
-The dom4j team

Posted by Maarten Coene 2005-04-15

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