#34 incomplete filtering of FilterMessages


FilterMessages is supposed to filter messages below the
report_level. It has two problems, though:

* It does not remove nodes in
* It does not remove the refids in
the backrefs to the removed nodes

The attached patch does both things.


  • Santiago Gala

    Santiago Gala - 2006-09-18

    better filtering of FIlterMessages

  • Felix Wiemann

    Felix Wiemann - 2006-09-19

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks! We'll need to add tests to catch the bugs you
    describe. For the refids, that should be pretty
    straightforward; for the transform_messages, we'll have to
    add a test-transform that creates a system_message, it seems
    to me right now (right, David?).

    Note that "del self.document.ids[id_]['refid']" can cause a
    KeyError('refid'); I've changed the patch slightly (attached).

  • Santiago Gala

    Santiago Gala - 2006-09-19

    Logged In: YES

    the docstring in the patch has a test,
    that succeeds with the patch
    and shows anchors pointing to the missing ids with the
    current code.

    Not sure how you are handling tests in the project,
    but this is the test case (with a warning and an error) that
    I was using to test.

    I'm writing a xhtml-im (JEP-0071) generator using docutils,
    and typical conventions in IRC: *word, repeatednick_, were
    giving sistematic errors :)


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