The March of Progress

emoticon:dove I didn't have too productive a weekend, unfortunately it was full of all sorts of meetings sigh. Smile

I did manage to finish an update to restweb. This is available for direct download, and via SVN. [1]

Sourceforge will be updated soon [2].

We're now up to version 0.3.0. The changes since the last announced release are :

Version 0.3.0       2005/06/27
Code refactored and better commented.
    Thanks to Nicola Larosa for input.
Minor bugfix - an encoding was missing.
Added stylesheet to docutils options override.

Version 0.2.3       2005/06/25
Code style cleanup with help from Nicola Larosa.
Start of the refactoring (some code is simpler internally)
``uservalues`` now compatible with reST.
docs updated appropriately.    

The major changes are the code cleanup and refactoring. If you want to understand how rest2web works, it should now be possible to follow it in the code [3]!

From the users point of view, the biggest change is that you can now use uservalues with reST markup. This does have limitations that I might try and find a way round. See the uservalues page for the details.

ConfigObj 4

As promised a while ago I've actually starting working on a ground up rewrite of ConfigObj. The biggest change is that it will support nested config files - using indentation for nesting the sections.

I've worked out a spec with Nicola Larosa. There will be several backward incompatible changes, and the full feature set (write and writein methods, validation etc) is going to take a while. I ought to have a working config reader running in a few days though.

[1]The SVN repository also has the Pythonutils dependencies.
[2]Flipping work internet restrictions, grumble Sad .
[3]No more passing data structures in and out of the restprocessor Very Happy .

Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-06-27 09:31:22.
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