I'm currently trying to make a directive that allows some special things to be
done in the page. Mostly, it allows me to simplify the format used to stick
data on a page.

I used app.add_directive() to add the directive. I also used app.add_node() to
get to the point where I have data in a function. I think I'm doing alright.
This function now sticks things on the page, but... I can't figure out how to
register a heading. The heading I want to register will always be the same
level. I also need to figure out how to print that to the screen.

A very basic example of what I'm trying to do is...

.. mydirective:: fuzzy

    was a

I would like to do two things with this directive. I first want the argument to
generate a title and the first line to generate a table, followed by the
remaining stuff.

If I weren't making this directive, it would be something more like this...


========= =
*Title 1* A
*Title 2* b
*Title 3* c
*Title 4* d
========= =

was a

This is a grossly simplified version, but basically explains exactly what I
need. I need to first, register that heading, then I need to generate a table.

I really hope this makes sense. I'm struggling to explain it and really hope
that someone can help me figure this out.

Michael Lustfield